About Us

Hyperfocus art is a family owned business.  Sean and Jana Avram not only work together as face and body painters, but the art form brought these two together.  We do this because we love face and body painting and want to see this art spread to the mainstream and become a part of everyone's daily life.

There is a magic behind this art that you need to experience to fully understand.  It is an inclusive art that brings people together.  It makes everyone feel special.  Being painted gives you a free licence to feel beautiful.  Seeing people who are painted gives you a chance to go tell someone that they look amazing, with out any risk of social discomfort.  This usually happens with joy and excitement.  People love it...there's a reason why face paint lines are so long.  If you haven't made it to the end of one and into our tent, you are missing out!  Let us paint you and see for yourself.


Where did the name 'Hyperfocus' come from?

When we were searching for a stand out name for our company, we knew that we wanted to have something unique and personal in our brand.  We needed a name that told the world who we were, what our business and artistic philosophy was and how we got here.  

Face and body painting is a passion of ours.  It is especially a passion of mine.  I have been artistic my entire life.  For 29 years I would casually draw, maybe paint or pencil crayon, I would be praised for my talent and people would ask why it was that I wasn't doing art for a living.  The reason was simple.  I lacked the confidence in myself to be able to survive and provide for my family with my art.  Then one day, I was asked to face paint for a friend's entertainment company and I felt like I had been struck by lightning.  I have been a face and body painter ever since.  It has been over 10 years now.  This is a gigantic accomplishment for me due to the fact that I have not done ANYTHING for over 10 years.  I lose interest just as easily as I find new interests.  This is due to my A.D.H.D. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.)  All my life I wanted something from which I could draw joy and remain committed to for a long time.  Face and Body Painting so far has been that one thing that I have been seeking.  Hyperfocus is a symptom of A.D.H.D.  It is the source of my secret power and, at times, my great nemesis.. When I found found the art of face and body painting, I learned the true power of my hyperfocus. 

My hyperfocus manifesting in my art has given me the insatiable desire to be the best artist I can be and fortified my effort and drive by granting me the tenacity needed to stay the course and achieve all that I have in the past decade.  I have been featured in magazines around the world, step-by-step books, I have my own "how to" DVD's and was on the first season of GSN's awesome body paint reality competition TV show called "Skin Wars" which was hosted by Rebecca Romajin!  If that wasn't enough, face and body art has introduced me to some of the most amazing people I have ever met.  From the people I paint, to my amazing wife, Jana.  Face and body painting brought me from the mean streets of rural Ontario, Canada to the booming metropolis of Hinesburg in the beautiful state of Vermont.  I often look around myself with a smile wondering just how it was that I got here.  After much meditation I have discovered one answer to that question.  "Because face painting is awesome!"

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