Airbrush Face Painting - speed, quality and value

Face painting is one of the most popular attractions at any event.  People often start to line up before we are even finished setting up our tent.  One of the things that sets us apart from traditional face painting is the way that we deliver our service.  Our Airbrushes will breeze you right through the line.  We are the fastest face painters in Vermont!  Our speed means that we can paint more people per hour than any one else.  This translates into an incredible value for our customers. 

We airbrush our face painting because it's:

  • The absolute fastest way to provide face and body painting services!  We easily paint more than 2x the amount of faces per hour as hand painters.
  • Creates an outstanding look that will make your event memorable
  • Ensures consistency between each of our artists
  • Takes less time to paint each face, which means less time in line
  • Many designs work great on the face or on the arm as a tattoo
  • Great for all ages, we paint so quickly that adults are now able to join in the fun

Airbrush face painting is the wave of the future.  We proudly use ProAiir Hybrid for our face painting designs.  This makeup is the best on the market and made in the USA.  It is a skin-safe, cosmetic-grade theatrical makeup used in movies such as "Guardians of the Galaxy 2". 

Our Makeup is Awesome because it's:

  • Water-proof - yes, it will last under water, at pool parties, and in the rain.  
  • Smudge-proof and long lasting (it can even last until the next day)
  • Removes easily by rubbing in liquid soap and then rinsing with warm water and a wash cloth
  • Vibrant colors that last
  • The brightest UV Florescent makeup on the market
  • Smells like green apples
  • Our customers LOVE IT!!!