We have a new twist on airbrush tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos have been around for a long time, but you've never seen them like this. These tattoo designs are just like the real thing! The new temporary tattoo inks that we use are specially formulated to resemble actual tattoo ink. Tattoos can be removed with alcohol, but left alone they can last up to 5 days!  They are water-proof, customizable and appeal to all ages.  

Try before you buy!  Test out that awesome tattoo idea you've been mulling over to see if you'll love it enough to have it forever.


Tattoo Art for Every Age

Airbrush Tattoos

Great for events with many attendees looking forward to experiencing the fun of quick temporary tattoos. We come with a vast selection of airbrush tattoo stencils and use our airbrushes to spray water proof makeup through them to create designs on the arm & shoulder. Black Light options available.

Sean's Awesome Custom Painted Tattoos

If you love to watch true art created right before your eyes you should give your guests the treat of being body painted tattoo-style by Sean. Perfect for events that are geared toward adults. He will use classic sponge and brush painting, airbrush painting, or a combination of both to create designs requested by your guests on their arms, shoulder, backs, etc. Neon and our newest addition glow in the dark painting are also an option for your black light events.


Glitter Tattoos

Loved by all ages and sexes, glitter tattoos are a fun and colorful way to add some bling to a special event. We have dozens of tattoo designs for your guests to choose from, and can also custom cut a stencil for your event for an additional fee.  We use a special body glue and cosmetic grade glitters in a vast array of sparkling colors which your guests choose to create bold designs. We have iridescent glitters as well as extremely bright fluorescent colors that glow incredibly bright under black light. Glitter tattoos are water resistant, great for pool parties.